Liberal Mega-Donor Tom Steyer Gets Walloped Trying To Argue That Trump’s Economy Is Terrible

Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer, also the founder of Super PAC NextGen America and Need To Impeach, was grilled by MSNBC hosts on President Trump’s economy. The billionaire struggled to come back at the hosts with any substance, tripping over his words as the hosts continued laying out factual claims about the Trump Administration’s growing economy, Townhall reported.

Host Stephanie Ruhle asked a question that Steyer didn’t have much of an answer for.

“I find it puzzling that when you look at small and large business sentiment that they’re up, consumer confidence is up,” she stated. “Why is that, despite the facts you just outlined?”

“Steyer asserted that corporations are hijacking American democracy, and that the aforementioned claim is the reason for booming business and consumer confidence; Steyer could not back this bold claim with any facts or reason.

“In the most delusional claim in the entire interview, Steyer claimed that the Middle Class saw no benefits from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The left-leaning Tax Policy Center found that 80 percent of Americans will see a tax cut, and just 5 percent, a majority upper-class tax brackets, will see a slight increase.”

The tax cuts are just one part of the booming economy under President Trump. GDP grew at 4.2 percent this quarter, consumer confidence is at an 18 year high, unemployment is at a record-low and millions of jobs have and still are being created under the bold leadership of President Trump.