This Little Known Congressman Just Became Enemy #1 To Trump Supporters

Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA) is in some hot water this week after accusing voters in his district that supported President Donald Trump as having supported “bigotry and misogyny,” reports The Washington Free Beacon.

“These voters turned to Trump because they were desperate for economic change,” Cartwright said in an interview with the Economist. “Take away the economic anxiety, and the bigotry and misogyny go away.”

Cartwright’s Republican opponent, John Chrin, called out Cartwright for the overly broad statement.

“Congressman Cartwright’s description of his constituents in Northeast Pennsylvania is absolutely offensive and plainly inaccurate,” Chrin told the Washington Free Beacon. “His remarks do not reflect the views of Pennsylvanians I know. Politicians should be working to improve the lives of their constituents rather than insulting them.”

Chrin is running against Cartwright in the 17th district, where Trump dominated Hillary Clinton, winning by 10 points in 2016.  Chrin has the support of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), who also commented on this issue.  The NRCC stated that it’s “ignorant and disgusting” that Cartwright would label more than half of his constituents as misogynistic racists.

Cartwright is, of course, denying all claims that he made these statements.

“I know the people in my area. They are my friends and neighbors, and I care about them,” Cartwright told the Free Beacon. “They are not bigoted and misogynistic, and I resent anyone suggesting that they are.”

Good luck getting yourself out of this one, Cartwright. Trump fans are not going to be happy about this and he will pay the price on Election Day if they have anything to say about it.