Mark Levin Just Revealed The Real, Shocking Reason Why Paul Ryan ‘Retired’

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that his 20th year in Congress will be his last, saying he doesn’t want to be a “weekend dad” anymore, but radio talk show host Mark Levin has another theory following his departure.

Levin offers that the real reason Ryan is leaving is not that of his part-time dad dilemma, but rather because of the spending bill that was a “disastrous” move for the country.

“See, I don’t think that Paul Ryan is resigning because he’s tired of being Speaker and all the spin that’s out there,” Levin said. “This spending bill that passed in March, around March 22, was disastrous for the country and the Republican Party because the people running for reelection cannot say they’re fiscal conservatives anymore, unless they voted against it.”

Levin says that the spending bill proposed is more than President Obama ever proposed to spend while he was in office.

“And so, they don’t have a lot to run on,” Levin continued. “They could run on tax cuts, but they can’t run on being fiscally serious people when they voted to spend more than Barack Obama ever proposed. They can’t run on repealing Obamacare this time because they didn’t. They repealed a very, very small part of it involving individuals, but that leaves 85 percent of the rest of the population of the country. And they wouldn’t repeal it.

“And it reached the point, and we pointed it out on this program, where Paul Ryan was sounding like a leftist. He was into the class warfare argument when it came to the tax cuts.”

Ryan states that he is retiring in order to prioritize his family and children.

“This has been one of the two greatest honors of my life,” Ryan said. “The job provides incredible opportunities. But the truth is, it’s easy for it to take over everything in your life. And you can’t just let that happen. Because there are other things in life that can be fleeting as well — namely, your time as a husband and a dad, which is the other great honor of my life.

“So I will be setting new priorities in my life. But I will also be leaving incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished.”