Maxine Waters Goes UNHINGED, Even Liberals Are Flabbergasted By This Garbage

Mad Maxine is at it again.

This time she took a break from calling for President Trump’s impeachment to attack him from another angle. She used the horrific events in Charlottesville to attack Trump’s White House.

Followed by the fact that she thinks violence was okay.

Waters is good at making stuff up. Trump actually said that he would pay legal fees of those defending him from violent protesters.

Waters kept spewing false claims of nonsense.

But then Twitter users fought back.

And then one that explains it all got deleted, but we have the text from it:

“Hey Maxine you stand behind #BLM and #Antifa your the Problem..Potus denounced KKK over and over in campaign! We see you !

Lynn Harris (@LynnRN54) August 13, 2017″

Mad Maxine’s own party is in awe of the crazy things coming out of her mouth.