Media Attacks Melania’s Christmas Decorations, But Praised Michelle Obama For These Hideous Things

The liberal media can do nothing but reach to find anything, absolutely anything to criticize the Trump’s on. This month it seems to be the White House Christmas Decorations that have the liberal media clamoring to attack the White House. Harpers Bazaar, a fashion media published an article about the difference between First Lady Melania Trump’s first round of Christmas decorations and the most recent decorations of former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The only thing the article got right is that the comparison between 2016 and 2017’s East Wing decorations is not even close. Of course, Harpers Bazaar has the comparison backward.

They found that the Obama’s large, slightly creepy stuffed versions of their family dogs (one of whom was known to attack children) and plain, equally as creepy snowmen scattered throughout the halls, were far superior to Melania’s simple yet elegant decorations seen below in a video she tweeted after putting up the decorations.

Check them out:

Other decorations included in Melania’s display are an 18 foot tree “decorated with ornaments bearing the seals of every state and U.S. territory,” a tree “dedicated to families that lost loved ones in the military,” and a “350-pound gingerbread house in the State Dining Room offers a view of the White House from the South Lawn, with wreaths on every window and a U.S. flag flying from its sugary rooftop.”

Instead of praising the decorations for this year as they did Michelle Obama’s last year, Harpers Bazaar compared Melania’s decor to an “apocalyptic, barren landscape similar to what some of us imagine lies in America’s future or the calming white walls of a mental institution.” So the magazine not only attacked the elegant decor but managed to attack President Trump’s legacy as well.

Harpers Bazaar is not the only news site or magazine to attack the First Lady, as the New Yorker, Elle UK, and the Daily Beast all chose to criticize the display. The Washington Post, however, defended the display calling it a tribute to White House celebrations of old, with some of the traditions going back as far as the early 1800’s and the John Adams Administration.

The Post was also the only article to cite a credible source, Jennifer Pickens, an expert in White House East Wing traditions who had only positive things to say about Melania’s  display.

“Mrs. Trump’s impeccable style is seen in the beautifully understated decorations and give a great nod to the First Families that came before them.”

You would think that fashion magazine would have their research on the elegance and tradition present in Melania’s stunning display. Of course, that would require them to want to do any research before blindly subscribing to attacks on the Trump family, something the liberal media has made it clear they do not want to do.