The Media Quietly Stopped Reporting Trump’s Approval Ratings. Guess Why?

A recent Politico/ Morning Consult poll uncovered a surprising result about President Trump’s approval ratings but it won’t be something that you will see on mainstream media.  48 percent of public opinion approve of Trump’s new GOP tax reform plan, which is greater than the 37 percent that oppose it, reports Hot Air.

Politico focused a lot of their article on those specific results, but about 14 paragraphs down out of the 15 paragraph article, one could find other good results dealing with Trump’s job approval.

“’The poll also shows a slight uptick in Trump’s approval rating: 45 percent approve of the president’s job performance, up from 43 percent last week. The percentage of voters who disapprove ticked down from 54 percent last week to 52 percent in the new survey,’ reports Politico.”

Trump’s approval ratings have been slowly going up due to his response to the various hurricane disaster reliefs going on in the country.  But the media only likes to report on every time Trump’s approval ratings slide down into the thirties.

Now that he is back in the mid 40’s, which isn’t mid 50’s but it’s not the 30’s either, there is no mention of it anywhere in the media and even in the Politico article it only merits a remark at the end of the article.

You can read the full topline report here, which you will find some other buried gems that Politico didn’t bother to mention in their article.  48 percent of voters said that either economic issues or security issues were their key focus.

When asked which party they trust on most issues, the GOP was actually the most trusted on the economy (42/36), jobs (40/37), immigration (40/38) and national security (45/33).  Those were the issues that almost half the country rates as most important and a plurality trusts the GOP more in each category.

As for the Democrats,  they are more trusted when it comes to healthcare (43/33), environment (47/28), energy (41/35) and education (41/35).  Also, when asked the generic “which party’s candidate would you support for Congress if the election were held now” question, the Democrats held a slim lead inside the margin of error at 41/39.

Another relieving aspect about the article, is that the tax reform plan is more popular with people than the media might lead you to believe.  “‘While the public isn’t wild about tax cuts for businesses or the wealthy (yay populism!), a plurality find most of the components affecting the middle class to be a good idea,’ reports Hot Air.”

Donald Trump still may not be high in the popularity rankings, but his battered public image is on the rise and is gaining ground day by day. But you probably won’t find anything about his ratings getting better on CNN or the Washington Post, so don’t bother looking there.