Melania Just Trolled Her Haters In The Most Perfect Way Possible

When President Trump and the first lady traveled to Texas just days after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the area of Houston in August, the media didn’t report about the president’s show of support for the people of Houston whose homes had just been destroyed but instead decided to focus on Melania’s footwear.

Melania “famously” worse stiletto heels to the flood zone and the liberal media and critics took that and ran with it.

Only the liberals and their media outlets could make shoes the main trending topic when people’s homes were literally being destroyed in front of them.  Melania’s shoes began their own news cycle and critics called her “out of touch.”

Supporters of Trump and his wife also took to Twitter to show that it doesn’t matter what shoes the first lady is wearing, they are just glad to see the Trumps support Hurricane Harvey victims.

Melania herself has also proven to ignore what her critics say about her heels and just this past Wednesday went back to visit with aid workers and families still affected by the hurricane and guess what she wore…that’s right, knee-high heeled boots.

Obviously, the first lady is going to wear whatever she wants to wear and the media and her critics should move on and stop wasting their time talking about a woman’s shoes.