More Hillary Email Woes, Possible Indictment Loom

Hillary’s email server problems are getting worse just ahead of the Iowa Caucuses and could aid Bernie Sanders in his push to win early momentum.

According to a State Department attorney, the initial report of tens of thousands of emails between Clinton aides concerning cybersecurity was revised down to just one.

Attorneys for the Competitive Enterprise Institute had previously filed a FOIA request to learn how much discussion had been conducted among Hillary’s staff about cyber threats to sensitive information.

Only a couple lines of mention in a single email was the ultimate result of that search, which confirms the suspicion that Hillary’s State Department was wholly unprepared for a breach of her private email server.

Those problems could be exacerbated is a former U.S. attorney’s predictions play out as he thinks they might in the coming weeks.

Reagan appointee Joe DiGenova remarked of the ongoing FBI investigation during a recent radio interview, “They have reached a critical mass in their investigation of the secretary and all of her senior staff. And, it’s going to come to a head, I would suggest, in the next 60 days.”

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