After The NFL Protests The Anthem All Season, Trump Sends Them ‘Just Desserts’ For The Super Bowl

President Trump remains strong against the fight of ‘fake news’ and biased reporting from the news networks. In his most recent attempt to combat the networks, he just announced that he would not be participating in the tradition of a presidential interview with the network televising the Super Bowl game on Sunday, reports The Washington Times.

Last year, President Trump did an interview with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly when Fox was televising the game, but now NBC is the network, and Trump will not give them an interview, CNN reported.

NBC has been in Trump’s line of fire when it comes to his beratement of what is fake news and what networks have reported the facts correctly. NBC is the parent company of the liberal progressive network MSNBC, that would never in a million years be able to have an interview with the president.

“He is not doing a Super Bowl interview,” a White House official told CNN, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Sources at NBC told CNN similarly while adding that the invitation for Sunday’s game remains open if Trump changes his mind, the report by CNN media reporter Brian Stelter said.

With all of the controversy surrounding the NFL this past year, it is probably best that the president stays away from the event and watch it from his home.

NFL players this past season have been taking part in protests during the playing of the national anthem and the display of the American flag where instead of respecting their country and the veterans who have died and served for their freedom, they have chosen to kneel in a protest that has meant several different things now.

Trump has publicly come out saying that those players who kneel should be fired and has a great disrespect for those players who would do that to the flag.

It will be interesting to see if players choose to kneel or not at this Sunday Super Bowl LII