NO PRISONERS! Fox News Star Rips ‘Racist’ Jimmy Kimmel In Epic Rant

Ainsley Earhardt

During a “Fox & Friends” segment on Thursday, they decide to give it to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel after he mocks and makes fun off First lady Melania Trump for her accent when she read a children’s book during the Easter Egg Roll celebration this past weekend, reports The Hill.

As a part of Kimmel’s opening monologue, he showed some clips from the Easter Egg Roll this past weekend the first lady has historically hosted but President Trump was also in attendance. Kimmel showed a clip of Melania reading a children’s book to the kids who attended and then proceeded to make fun of her accent.

These were obvious racial slurs and something that most Democrats and liberals like him rail against anyone who makes fun of anyone’s race or ethnicity, but when the liberals do it to conservatives I guess it’s ok in their eyes.

“If he had done this to Michelle Obama … all the mainstream media would have him on there, if he were conservative, saying he’s a racist,” Ainsley Earhardt said on “Fox & Friends.”

After the clip, Kimmel imitated the first lady’s accent.

Earhardt wondered where the “outrage” was over Kimmel’s impersonation.

“Imagine if we moved to another country and we had to learn that language. It would be daunting,” she said. “And then for her to become the first lady. She not only speaks five languages, she’s reading different languages, too. I mean, that’s not easy to do … Shouldn’t she be praised? Shouldn’t we be supporting her for all of her hard work and learning?”

Kimmel also took jabs at the president and the recent claims that he has had sexual relationships with the former adult actress, Stormy Daniels, while he was married and also his relationship with his youngest son Barron Trump.