North Korea ‘Setting A Trap’ For President Trump

North Korea has an accepted a chance to talk peacefully with South Korea over the possibility of Pyongyang’s participation in the Winter Olympics. Fox News believes that there are only two ways these talks can go, and could possibly be setting Trump and the U.S. in a trap.

According to Fox news, Kim Jong Un is taking a more strategic move with regards to his move on the U.S. and by talking to their fellow Korean neighbors, Jong Un is driving a wedge further between Washington and Seoul.

One way the talk could go is in the form of a bribe or a trade-off for a peaceful Olympic games. In this scenario, Kim would ask to participate in the games, but only on the demand that Pyongyang receive sanctions relief or oil or food aid, and in return a guarantee of peaceful games.

If North Korea didn’t get what they wanted, then they could fire off an ICBM or a nuclear weapons test to disrupt and potentially cripple the games with fear and risk Seoul losing it’s $10 Billion-dollar investment.

Washington and Seoul have suspended their military exercises until late-April, so from Kim’s standpoint, how could South Korea not bend anymore?

The second way the talks could go is that Kim is actually better at the game of geopolitics than anyone gives him credit for and he simply asks for his country’s participation in the game’s without anything in return, then he would be able to return home a victorious leader who can provide for his country.

Seeing as there is very little downside to that outcome, that is what Fox news believes is most likely to happen.

And here is where Kim could get quite slick. He could leverage the positive nature of the talks to propose many other sweeteners to enhance inter-Korean ties—restarting joint development projects, offering family reunification and even going so far to propose an inter-Korean summit between the two heads of state.

These talks would happen without the Trump administration though, which would mean dodging questions about the nuclear missile program. The negotiations would move slowly, with North Korea continue to add to their demands over time, and just make them drag on over time which is what Kim would want.

If that is truly Kim’s plan then an April showdown would be his ultimate move to truly divide the alliance. In the past, North Korea has tested a number of its missiles in the beginning of Spring, so while the end of these talks happens, then Kim could unleash another string of missiles.

“‘What Kim could be aiming for is to get South Korea locked into negotiations, and then, start its missile or even nuclear weapons testing program back up. Seoul would be forced into making a tough choice: does it continue negotiations, but look weak at home and with the Trump administration ready to push for even more sanctions or potentially even a military strike?’ asks Fox News.”

South Korea’s President Moon may respond to Kim’s request, which may lead Moon to try to get the Trump administration to stand down in hope that the negotiations bear fruit.  It is anyone’s guess how Trump would respond to this scenario though.

Then with everything culminating in the spring and the U.S.-South Korea military exercises come back online, then the situation could create a pressure cooker on the peninsula.

Kim, having bought precious time, could then reveal the intent of his strategy: mastery of the re-entry technology needed to hit the U.S. homeland with a nuclear weapon, reports Fox News.

One could easily see a scenario where Kim fires an ICBM deep into the South Pacific with an unarmed warhead making it through the atmosphere, proving he has a viable nuclear weapon that can hit America. There is only one way to see what will truly happen though in regards to the negotiation, and you can be sure that Kim Jong Un has something up his sleeve.