Nutty Psychiatrist That Unethically ‘Diagnosed’ Trump Is Trying To Detain Him Against His Will

Yale psychiatry professor Bandy Lee has been the liberal media’s favorite professor to talk about these days, after Lee raised concerns about the president’s mental health for over a year and is suggesting in a new interview that Trump should be physically contained for an “urgent evaluation” to determine his mental state, reports The Daily Caller.

In a Vox interview published Saturday, reporter Eliza Barclay asks Lee, “Okay, so you’re calling for an evaluation; you’re serious about that. How could he possibly be evaluated, since it seems like he wouldn’t voluntarily do it?”

Lee responded, “We encounter this often in mental health. Those who most require an evaluation are the least likely to submit to one. That is the reason why in all 50 states we have not only the legal authority but often the legal obligation, to contain someone even against their will when it’s an emergency. So in an emergency, neither consent nor confidentiality requirements hold. Safety comes first. What we do in the case of danger is we contain the person, we remove them from access to weapons, and we do an urgent evaluation.”

She continued, “This is what we have been calling for with the president based on basic medical standards of care.”

Lee then says that going to that kind of measure would probably look too much like a “coup,” which she would be right, so they should probably not do that.

She said, “Surprisingly, many lawyer groups have actually volunteered, on their own, to file for a court paper to ensure that the security staff will cooperate with us. But we have declined, since this will really look like a coup, and while we are trying to prevent violence, we don’t wish to incite it through, say, an insurrection.”

Perhaps the professor should have just kept her opinion, because that’s all it is, about the president’s mental health if she wanted to keep from starting a coup then. Her ideas have already stirred up so much controversy and have then been supported by media outlets like CNN and MSNBC.

Most have said Lee’s accusations are unethical and are in violation of the Goldwater rule, which the American Psychiatric Association created that doesn’t allow it’s members to publicly discuss the mental health of a public figure.

Lee’s accusations are dangerous and are not found in any real evidence. Her accusations could at worst, as she said in her own terms, lead to a deadly coup, or simply lead to a destabilization in the country’s trust for their commander-in-chief, both being bad for the American people overall.