Obama Flaunts Package To Female Reporters In Newly Discovered Video

Get your barf bags ready. In a newly discovered video, Barack Obama is shown showing off his ‘excited’ package to a bunch of giggling female reporters. The video took place in 2008 on his campaign plane.

It’s sad this is even a news story we have to write about. But with Bill Clinton’s sex life and the recently released Trump tapes, this is more of an issue than ever.

In the clip Obama is seen at the back of his plane on the phone. He notices the female reporters checking him out so he shows off his clearly erect package. It’s disturbing, disgusting, and misogynistic. And it’s the type of behavior we should never see from someone who is now the leader of the free world.

It also makes us wonder if this is indicative towards other lewd behavior on behalf of the president.

So now the question is, will the same media that called for Donald trump to drop out of the presidential race also call for Obama to resign?

Not likely.

Watch the disturbing video here. Or just take our word for it that it’s just awful. Warning, NSFW!