Obama Supporters Are Freaking Out After Seeing These New Trump Poll Numbers

A new Fox News poll shows the latest approval rating for President Trump, and the results might not be what anyone expected.

As the media continues to portray the president as unfit and unworthy, his likeness by the American people has been unwavered.

In fact, compared to former President Obama’s approval during the same time, President Trump maintains a higher rating.

Forty-five percent approve of the president’s performance, while 51 percent disapprove, according to Fox News’ latest polling.

During the Obama-era, Rasmussen recorded Obama’s approval of just 41 percent in June 2010. Moreover, for several years, his approval numbers remained low, while his disapproval rating remained high.

Even President Trump’s disapproval numbers are lower than Obama’s during the same time period. During June 2010, Rasmussen shows the former president’s disapproval numbers averaging 54-57 percent.

Just last month, Trump’s approval was at 44 percent. His daily approval, which is tracked by Rasmussen, was between 47-49 percent last week.

Fox News states that for his handling of immigration, foreign policy, and international trade, President Trump gets negative ratings, with more people disapproving rather than approving his policies and handling of the issues.

However, his handling of the economy brings his most positive ratings, with 52 percent approving and 41 percent disapproving.

In January 2016 when Trump first took office, 49 percent of voters were optimistic for his economic handling. A year later in January 2017, that number jumped to 66 percent. Now, 59 percent continue to have economic optimism.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, among Democrats, optimism is down 31 points, up 19 points for Republicans, and remains steady among Independents.