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After Obama Tried To Take Credit For Destroying ISIS, Sarah Sanders Blasted Him With 9 Glorious Words

Sarah Sanders

After years of fighting with ISIS we have finally claimed victory over them in Syria and Iraq. They have lost reportedly 98% of their territory in both countries. Here we see something that Obama could not do. Obama made a ton of threats that’s for sure but not once did he ever carry on a single one of them. Here we see an example of a President that carries out with threats and it has obviously worked out tremendously well.

Retired Air Force Lieutenant General David Deptula credited part of the success to Trump policy reversals for the military that were previously put in by Obama. Deptula even said, “Obama micromanaged the war.” He even went on to say how easy it would’ve been to get to where we are now by saying, “We could have accomplished our objectives through the use of overwhelming air power in three months not in three years.”

If only Obama realized how to run the country maybe ISIS wouldn’t be as big of a threat as they WERE. These victories only come a year after Trump took office and that is compared to Obama’s 8 years where they were only able to grow as a threat to the world. Sarah Sanders sums it up perfectly here.

Trump’s main focus was getting rid of ISIS since he took office and as we can see that worked out perfectly. His strategy read as follows according to Independent Journal Review:

There can be no greater action to advance the rights of individuals than to defeat jihadist terrorists and other groups that foment hatred and use violence to advance their supremacist Islamist ideologies.