Piers Morgan: Media Trying to ‘Delegitimize, Sabotage and Destroy’ Trump

The “fake news” has gotten so out of hand that even former CNN host Piers Morgan is calling the media out on it, saying that it is ’un-American’.
In an interview with Fox News’ Hannity, Morgan cites that the digs at President Trump are an:

“attempt to delegitimize, sabotage and destroy the Trump presidency before it’s even started. I think that is un-American. I don’t think it’s a patriotic thing that they are doing. I think it’s nakedly partisan.”

Morgan points out that the resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser combined with claims about collusion with Russia run parallel with the Watergate scandal saying:

“This is a wildly exaggerated view,” Morgan said. “The facts are, there is nothing right now to link Donald Trump to any collusion with anyone from Russia in relation to the American election. Nothing.”

Morgan singled out the New York Times specifically for the overwhelmingly negative Trump coverage by stating:

“It is driven by The New York Times, who were completely in the tank for Hillary Clinton. And I think as journalists who work at CNN — CNN always tried to be I know your view about CNN but there are good people there. I think they have got to be careful, all of them. And I think they got to look at what they are doing here and ask themselves is this legitimate journalistic rigor or it is incredibly partisan, often nakedly abusive treatment of a new president. And I think it is bordering on the latter.”

Watch the Fox News interview in full here.