After POTUS Nailed The SOTU, Chuck Todd Completely Breaks Down Over 1 Bizarre Reason

Chuck Todd

After he was done trashing President Trump’s State of the Union speech moments after it ended, Chuck Todd, an anchor on NBC, he came back in the morning on the Today Show saying that he thinks the speech “set things back” and “really offended a lot of Democrats,” which sounds like is including himself, reports News Busters.

Co-host Savannah Guthrie began the segment by acknowledging that the address was a success: “So how does he turn a successful State of the Union address into something lasting?”

Todd immediately threw cold water on any positive impact: “Well, I think it’s extraordinarily difficult for any president to make a State of the Union stick anymore.”

Todd believes that there is only one way that the speech could help Trump, and that is if he can get an immediate success from it, like immigration which Trump spoke at length about in the speech.

“But you know, look, this State of the Union only becomes relevant if something – you know, if he can have a big success quickly. And immigration is his one opportunity to have a big success quickly,” said Todd.

Now that Todd has set a standard for what deems the speech as “successful,” Todd promptly begins to criticise the speech for how it will affect Democrats.

“‘But I have to tell you, I think his rhetoric last night set things back, did not advance the ball forward. Because while on immigration, while the tone was an attempt at bipartisanship, the way he sold immigration really offended a lot of Democrats that were listening in that room. And I actually think he made that situation harder today than it was before the speech,’ Todd says.”

What Todd doesn’t understand is that Trump’s speech, where he lays out the directive for his next year in office and because he is a Republican, that his speech wasn’t meant to please the Democratic side of the room. While his speech was much more diplomatic and less add-lib than in the past, he still made sure that the conservative values are what is on the table.

During NBC’s special coverage following the State of the Union Tuesday night, Todd derided Trump’s effort to highlight victims of illegal immigration as an attempt to “paint the picture of the – this mythical immigrant criminal here that I want everybody to get fired up about.”

The liberal newscaster wants to paint the picture that every illegal immigrant only wants a job and will be a good citizen while they are here, which just isn’t the truth, as plainly shown by the victims of deadly crimes at the hands of illegal aliens who were in that chamber last night.

Todd is living in a fantasy land where illegal immigrants should be praised and doesn’t quite understand the purpose of a State of the Union speech.