President Trump Stops These Insane Democrats COLD After They Try To Shut Down His Tax Cuts

President Donald Trump slammed Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., for his introduction of a bill that would repeal the Republican tax cuts that Republicans worked so hard to push through last year, reports Newsmax. 

“A Democratic lawmaker just introduced a bill to repeal the GOP tax cuts (no chance). This is too good to be true for Republicans,” Trump wrote in a Monday tweet.

Polis introduced the bill Wednesday. The legislation would redirect tax dollars that would have otherwise been cut, and would erase $1.4 billion in student loan debt, Business Insider reported.

The lawmaker responded to Trump in a tweet Monday afternoon trying to fight back against the president, but that obviously is never going to work: “Simple choice this election: President and GOP lose by cozying up to corporate special interests. We win by standing up for students, public schools, and families,” Polis said in the tweet.

Polis is not seeking re-election to his congressional seat, and is instead taking a run at becoming governor of Colorado, The Business Insider reported.

This year’s midterm elections are heating up to be a very contested race with many incumbent Democratic seats being fought over by GOP members in order to retain control of the House and Senate. GOP control is what enabled those tax cuts to happen in the first place, and if more legislation that helps the American people is going to be passed then the Republican party needs to keep ahold of the majority.