President Trump Unequivocally Shoots Down The Latest Robert Mueller Lies In Epic Fashion

President Donald Trump pushed back against a New York Times report that he attempted to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in December, saying that if he wanted to fire him he would have already, reports The Daily Caller.

The NYT report alleged that Trump was incensed by false December reports that Mueller had subpoenaed his personal financial records from Deutsche Bank. “To Mr. Trump, the subpoenas suggested that Mr. Mueller had expanded the investigation in a way that crossed the “red line” he had set last year,” the report noted.

Trump, however, pushed back saying he would have fired Mueller if he wanted too. The President has been incensed with Mueller since reports of an FBI raid on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s office Monday. The raid was spawned by a referral from Mueller’s office to the U.S. attorney of the southern district of New York.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday the President believes he has the authority to fire Mueller if he desires.

Various sources have no confirmed though that the Attorney General Deputy Rod Rosenstein is the one who would have to fire Robert Mueller in this situation and since Rosenstein was the one who gave the order to raid Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s office it seems unlikely that he would fire Mueller.

As Trump has expressed before, there is no doubt that Mueller’s actions towards his lawyer show that his investigation is a “Witch hunt” and is now more than ever strayed from his original intent, which was to discover if there were Russian influences in the 2016 election. Now Mueller has gone too far.