She Was Proud Of Her Truck’s Obscene Anti-Trump Sign, But The Local Sheriff Is Laughing Last

A woman who owns a pickup truck decided it would be a good idea to put a huge sign on the back of her car that says, “F— Trump, and f— you for voting for him.”  She claims she is proud of it and doesn’t plan on taking it down.  A local police officer wasn’t as amused by it and is ordering her to modify the saying or be charged with disorderly conduct, reports Cleveland 19.

Fonseca says the decal, which she had custom-made 11 months ago for $25, speaks for many.

“‘It makes people happy,’ Fonesca said. ‘They smile, they stop you, they want to shake your hand. They’re like, ‘We wish that we could do this and we had enough guts to do it, and you’re doing it.'”

The Pickup truck owner says that her main problem with President Trump is his stance on immigration and his promise about the border wall.

A picture of her pickup truck was then posted on Facebook so Sheriff Troy E. Nehls could find it because he wanted to speak to the owner who at the time was not identified.

The sheriff’s goal was to see if they could agree on a modification of the message; otherwise, he would charge the driver with a disorderly conduct charge.

The Facebook post then got about 5,000 comments, some glad the sheriff was taking action, especially since any child could see that car or the post.  Others were saying that the sheriff’s request was infringing on the driver’s freedom of speech.

To the freedom of speech accusation, the sheriff then posted a screenshot of Texas’ disorderly conduct law that says someone is being disorderly if they are intentionally or knowingly “abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language in a public place…”

“‘They’re fighting words because now you’re challenging an individual. You’re focused on that one person because it says, ‘F-you for voting for him.’ And that person gets offended and all of a sudden screaming and yelling. Then the sheriff’s office or the local police get called. Now you have a breach of the peace,’ said Nehls in a press conference Wednesday afternoon.”