Right After The NY Times Libels Him, Sean Hannity Wins The Internet With 6 Words

The New York Times magazine wrote a recent “expose” about Sean Hannity and his relationship with covering President Trump.  They decided to put on the cover, a photo of Hannity appearing to be screaming towards the camera.  This is a tactic the left media likes to use and has frequently done when covering conservatives in politics, reports The Gateway Pundit.

When the story was released, Hannity was not too pleased.  He responded on Twitter, showing how manipulative the New York times and left media can be.

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise for most conservatives, liberal media has been doing this for ages. Once when Sarah Palin was on the cover of Newsweek.

When Ann Coulter was on TIME magazine and said “fair and balanced she isn’t.”

Newsweek also did an offensive cover featuring a photoshopped photo of President Trump while saying, “Donal Trump is bored and tired.  Imagine how bad he’d feel if he did any work.”

John McCain was featured in The Atlantic magazine cover in an appealing photograph, but then TIME magazine went around and turned it into something disturbing.

No matter what, the liberal media will always be there to spout lies about conservatives and manipulate them in the media to further their liberal propaganda.  This is why Fake news outlets like the New York Times and CNN should not be allowed to further their unethical journalistic practices.