Ruth Bader Ginsburg Made A Promise To Trump 1 Year Ago, And Now It’s Time To Collect

Many, many, many people claimed that if Donald Trump was elected President they were going to move out of the country. Many promised to move to Canada, seemingly forgetting that Canada has stricter immigration laws than the US does, noting that immigration policies were one of the key reasons people wanted to leave.

And one of the high-profile people who said they would leave is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She said that her late husband would have suggested the move.

“Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand,” Justice Ginsburg said, smiling ruefully.

The only problem, as everyone knows, is that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still here. She has not left yet, much to the chagrin of conservatives everywhere. With the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch and the impending retirement of Justice Kennedy, having Ginsburg’s spot to appoint would give Donald Trump three appointments on the court, the most since Ronald Reagan. It would also swing the balance of the court in favor of the conservatives, 6-3.

Maybe Ruth Bader Ginsburg should follow through on her promise to leave the country, it certainly wouldn’t hurt Donald Trump or any other conservatives’ feelings.

We’re crossing our fingers that she is a woman of her word.