Sen. Kamala Harrris Tries To Slam Trump, Accidentally Rips Her Own State Instead

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris attacked the president and his immigration policy ideas on Twitter last Wednesday, which was her big mistake because when conservatives came to Trump’s defense, she ended up making a fool out of herself and her own state, reports The Daily Caller.

Harris is expected to be a possible candidate for a 2020 presidential run for Democrats and on Wednesday decided to voice her opinion about Trump’s idea to build a southern border wall as a “gross misuse of taxpayer money.”

She was then quickly reminded by fellow Trump supporters and Wall supporters that illegal immigration, which a more secure border would likely reduce, is costing her home state over $25 billion annually.

Actor and Trump supporter James Woods took a slightly more direct approach when confronting Harris:

Harris’ state is home to some 2.5 million illegal immigrants, which amounts to only 6 percent of the population of California, but one-fourth of the illegal immigrants in the United States.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, in a 2014 study, found that California alone spent over $12 billion annually on public education (and an additional $2 billion to teach English as a second language) for children who were undocumented. Another $4 billion went to healthcare, over $800,000 to “public assistance services” (welfare), and over $4 billion was spent by the justice system to handle cases involving people in this country illegally.

The taxpayers are also likely to be on the hook for anything Governor Jerry Brown spends in legal efforts to prevent President Trump from cracking down on sanctuary cities and states.

When will California’s realize that their lawmakers are running their state into the ground instead of helping the legal taxpaying citizens who live there?