Sen. Tim Scott Reveals A Personal Encounter With Trump That Is Leaving Americans Proud

Republican South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott, recounts an encounter between himself and President Trump during an interview on CNN last week, the Daily Caller reports.

Scott talks about his openly critical comments of President Trump and a meeting that changed things between the two.

“I’ll tell you the truth, I go back to a specific incident in the Charlottesville situation where I had some very harsh comments about the president,” Scott began. “And I was very candid about my displeasure and how I found some of his comments to be indefensible. He invited me into the Oval Office after my criticism, and I found something quite surprising happening in the Oval Office.”

“He said, ‘We’re not on the same page on the history of race relations in this country. Help me find a way forward,’” Scott continued. “So I started talking about legislative remedies that would help poor kids in poor communities like the ones I grew up in.”

Scott says that the president was interested in the legislation and supported it.

“Long story short, he supported the legislation, and now Cory Booker and myself, Chris Coons and other Democrats along with Republicans on the finance committee got that bill passed into law, and every state is now looking at ways to create opportunities,” Scott said.

Scott explains that Trump’s rhetoric can sometimes get in the way of helpful actions, but says he asked the president to help him find a way forward.

“Yes, the rhetoric cannot be helpful, it can be indefensible at times but the challenge that I laid on the president’s desk was to help me find a path forward, and legislatively you had to concede that that legislation, as well as now record low unemployment in communities of color, are helpful targets from a public policy standpoint,” Scott continued. “But we still have to wrestle with the rhetoric that can sometimes be hurtful.”

“I think that’s a really valuable story,” added CNN host Alisyn Camerota.