State Department Starts Rampantly Laying Off Staff

Rex Tillerson

The US State Department is seeing some important layoffs as Rex Tillerson comes into the Trump administration as the Secretary of State. Of course, the move to cut diplomatic experts is being criticized by the big government loving left.

Former Assistant Secretary for Non-Proliferation, Tom Countryman, let go last month, tells CBS News:

“It is irresponsible to let qualified, nonpartisan, experienced people go before you have any idea of their replacement. You can’t do foreign policy by sitting in the White House, just out of your back pocket.”

A spokesman for the State Department, R.C. Hammond, said:

“As part of the transition from one administration to the next, we continue to build out our team. The State Department is supported by a very talented group of individuals, both Republicans and Democrats. We are appreciative to any Americans who dedicate their talents to public service.”

President Trump referred to the Middle East and North Korea in a press conference when he promised he would tackle the issue of ‘mass stability overseas’ when he stated:

“We’ll take care of it folks; we’re going to take care of it all. I just want to let you know, I inherited a mess.”