Stormy Daniels Might Lose All Of Her Legal Funding Thanks To Her Shady Lawyer

Stormy Daniels, the porn star who is suing President Trump over a confidentiality agreement, might just lose all of the funding she has raised for legal fees. And it’s all thanks to her shady lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

A court recently found that Avenatti’s firm owes $10 million to a former attorney. That lawyer is now asking a bankruptcy judge to confiscate a portion of the $577,000 raised by Avenatti to pay costs of Daniels’ legal fight. She started crowdfunding earlier this year and 16,500 people have donated to her cause.

Avenatti’s past associations are apparently catching up to him. It’s a web of odd business practices, to say the least, that led to this monumental case. The Daily Caller reports:

Avenatti objected to the motion, according to The Los Angeles Times. In an e-mail to the paper, he dismissed the effort to seize the legal funds as baseless and said his old firm, Eagan Avenatti, does not even represent Daniels.

Still, when The Daily Caller News Foundation has called Avenatti in the past, a receptionist has referred to his firm as Eagan Avenatti. In multiple correspondences with him, his signature line still says he’s a partner at the firm.

As the LA Times notes, Avenatti has used an Eagan Avenatti email address when corresponding with Trump’s attorneys.

“A signature block means nothing,” Avenatti told the LA Times, “and you have no evidence the firm ever represented Ms. Clifford.”

Avenatti claims that Daniels is represented by Avenatti & Associates, a “completely different law firm,” according to him.

According to corporate papers viewed by the LA Times, Avenatti & Associates is owned entirely by Avenatti and listed its business type as “Eagan Avenatti.”

If Daniels loses her money then there is a good chance the lawsuit comes crashing down.