Tammy Bruce Points Out 1 Thing Makes The Oscars Disaster Worse Than Anyone Thought

The Washington Times reported that the Oscars award telecast last Sunday dropped significantly in viewership since last year by a monstrous 20 percent.

The ratings were reportedly the lowest in history. This comes from many taking a stand against the show and choosing not to watch since it has become progressively politicized in recent years.

This shift in culture has many wondering what it will take to reverse the controversial nature of the film Academy’s award show. The entertainment trade magazine Variety co-editor in chief asked on Twitter, “How low does the final ratings number have to be in order to prompt the Academy and ABC to freak out? Where is the bar set at which some serious changes will be made to the telecast format in order to reinvigorate the franchise?”

Tammy Bruce, in an article from The Washington Times, commented on the debacle, saying, “If they mean change the format that attacks half the population of the country to one that doesn’t, yes, that would be a good idea. But a change like that is not likely to come. For Hollywood, their rage at people who aren’t like them (conservatives, Trump supporters, Republicans, et al) has overcome any desire to return to their original mission — make movies that entertain and provide their audience with an escape from the strain of daily life.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, last Sunday’s show brought in just over 26 million viewers. That’s a harsh decline from almost 44 million viewers in 2014.

The awards show has become less about honoring cinematic achievement and has drifted towards a platform to discredit and demean the President.

President Trump commented on the disastrous ratings, saying on Twitter, “Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY. Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore — except your President (just kidding, of course)!”

Bruce pointed out the unfortunate reality of Hollywood’s effort to replace entertainment with personal contempt.

“The entertainment pact is destroyed when actors behave as though it’s their job to condemn you if you don’t pay allegiance to the liberal worldview. When you see them, there is no blank slate, only scolds who accuse, condemn and malign.”

The Academy’s award show fiasco may be a sign that people are rejecting to conform to the views and opinions of Hollywood, a long-awaited stance.