Teacher Slips Anti-Trump Question Into Homework; Parents Are Pissed

A middle school teacher in Staten Island slipped an anti-President Trump into a homework assignment and claims she has freedom of speech to do so.

Teacher Adria Zawatsky was having her class focus on the vocabulary words “haughty, humble and precedent” in an assignment that had students fill in these blanks:

“President Trump speaks in a very superior and _________ manner insulting many people. He needs to be more __________ so that the American people respect and admire him.”
The question after that read: “Barack Obama set a _________ when he became the first African American president.”

A parent to one of the students in Zawatsky’s class, Vincent Ungro, was furious and wrote a note on the assignment that read:

“Please keep your political views to yourself and do not try to influence my children on them. Thank you.”

The teacher in turn took 15 points off, giving the student an 85%, which Ungro calls “vindictive” and claims that:

“This woman is forcing my child to put words on a piece of paper describing our president in a disparaging manner,” Ungro told The Post Thursday. “Her political opinion should be left at home.”

Ungro is right, but Zawatsky fired back in an email with:

“Firstly, I do not believe I was expressing a political view at all on my vocabulary sheet. My reference to President Trump was about his personality traits rather than his ability as a president. The media is nonstop on very similar references. This is considered freedom of speech and I feel I have the same right as they do.”

Still, Ungro believes the disparaging references to Trump were inappropriate and not the place for personal political beliefs as well as Zawatsky should have been punished more severely than just with a note in her file.