The Left Peddled Such An Egregious Lie About Trump, Even Trevor Noah Had To Call Them Liars

Late-night comedian Trevor Noah, in a surprising turn of events, actually defended President Donald Trump Tuesday night by refuting the claims his administration lost track of 1,500 immigrant children, reports The Daily Caller.

“If you were only reading the headlines and the tweets, you’d been thinking right now that the Trump administration had captured and then lost 1,500 kids, and because of that people online lost their shit. They were like ‘this is an outrage! How could Donald Trump lose our precious immigrant babies?’” Noah, the host of “The Daily Show,” said.

“It turns out these immigrant kids aren’t lost by Trump. They just don’t want any contact with anyone in the Trump administration, sort of like Melania.”

Noah then explained that the children are not missing but actually unaccounted for because sponsors have refused to respond to follow-up calls according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Another misinformed immigration scandal blew up online. Someone tweeted these photos of the U.S. government holding undocumented children in cages,” Noah explained. “And again, without doing research, people online lost their shit. ‘The president has caged our precious children!’”

“Once again, this group of people didn’t get its facts straight.

Then he pointed out that photo was actually from 2014, when Barack Obama was in office.

Noah went on to point out the hypocrisy, saying, “Then they found out it happened under Obama and all of a sudden they’re like, look, sometimes kids gotta be caged, you know, and cages are complicated things, I mean there’s good cages, Luke Cage, Nicolas cage, the birdcage. The point is, I’ve deleted my tweet but still impeach!”

Noah’s final message was that people should “take a breath. Let’s read past headlines before we start sharing misleading stories that Trump will use to discredit all other news.”