Think Awards Shows Are Too Political? Grammy’s Makes Obama Related Announcement

Everyone knows that you can’t watch an award show nowadays without hearing some speech from a mad liberal about their most recent democratic cause. And they also revel in silencing conservative voices in the crowd as well. Michelle Obama just politicised the Grammy’s even more so with her former chief of staff joining the party, reports WTOP.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, Tina Tchen, will head the Recording Academy’s new task force that focuses on inclusion and diversity in the music industry because apparently, the music industry is lacking in diversity.

The academy announced on Tuesday that Tchen, a veteran lawyer who is also working on the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, will chair the new initiative.

The Grammys announced the task force after its CEO drew criticism for saying women need to “step up” when asked about the lack of female winners backstage at its 60th awards show, held in January.

The point of the task force is to uncover unconscious biases and other barriers that impede women’s success in the music industry.

Tchen says in a statement it’s “an important initial step by the Recording Academy to demonstrate its commitment to tackling these challenges in a comprehensive way.”

“The fact that she lacks business ties to the music industry ensures her objectivity as chair,” Neil Portnow, the Recording Academy president, said in a statement.  “In this moment, the Recording Academy can do more than reflect what currently exists; we can help lead the industry into becoming the inclusive music community we want it to be — a responsibility that the board and I take seriously. Tina Tchen is an accomplished advocate for women and impact-oriented leader versed in convening disparate stakeholders for a common purpose.”

During Tchen’s eight-year tenure in Obama’s administration, she served as the executive director of the White House Council on Women and Girls, making her practiced in fighting for women’s rights in an establishment as huge as the White House and government.