Time Magazine Showed Their True Colors After Dishing Major Insult In Their ‘MeToo’ Person Of The Year Edition

Time magazine released their “Person of the Year” edition last week, where instead of just profiling one person decided to choose a number of women and a few men who have come forward about their experiences of being sexually assaulted or harassed.  One person they denied a voice to, however, was the woman who accused Bill Clinton, reports The Washington Examiner.

Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who has accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her when he was Attorney General of Arkansas in 1978, was denied any kind of coverage along with Time’s “silence breakers.”

No surprise here that a liberal magazine would want to protect one of the Democrats most prized leaders, but Broaddrick has continued to speak out about the abuse she has received on behalf of the liberal media.

She explains that Time magazine reached out to her for comment on her experience with Bill Clinton but her comments were latter “deemed of no value.”

Broaddrick has been publicly claiming that Clinton raped her since 1999 and the Clinton’s and Democrats alike have systematically shut her down and made sure to silence her voice.  Looks as if Time magazine is helping out as well.

Broaddrick nailed it perfectly as to the reason why should wasn’t included in this expose of women calling out their abusers.  Since Broaddrick was calling out one of the most prominent members of the Democratic party, of course, a participant in liberal media is going to try to silence her.

A movement that claims to be looking out for the interests of all survivors of sexual assault and harassment can’t ignore certain victims just because they don’t fit the “liberal victim mold.”