Top Democrat Behind Trump-Russia Attacks Owns Investments In Russia

California Rep. Adam Schiff (D) has been the biggest with hunter when it comes to connecting President Trump to Russia. He has been at the forefront of Congressional investigations and the left considers him a Saint for mercilessly attacking Trump over Russia.

But now it seems Schiff isn’t the golden boy they once thought.

As it turns out, Schiff has been making quite a bit of money off of Russia. And it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

GotNews explains:

“Schiff’s Russia-connected investments rested in pharmaceutical multinational AbbVie and an iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF. Schiff’s most recent 2016 House financial disclosure report reveals that Schiff had at least a thousand dollars in the iShares fund and another $15,000 in AbbVie.”

See the financial disclosures for yourself:

A year-end filing with the SEC reveals:

“The company… continues to do business with foreign governments in certain oil-exporting countries, which have recently experienced a deterioration in economic conditions, including Saudi Arabia and Russia. Outstanding net governmental receivables were $122 million related to Saudi Arabia and $110 million related to Russia as of December 31, 2016.”

And yet Schiff has been deflecting, claling for tougher sanctions against Russia:

It turns out that all looks like a ruse. GotNews reports:

“Interestingly, according to a review of the iShares’ ETF’s mid-2016 portfolio, Schiff seems to have held stakes in a dozen Russian energy firms. The emerging-markets ETF was particularly weighted toward Gazprom, of which the Russian government itself owns half. Gazprom produces almost all of Russia’s natural gas.”