Trey Gowdy Wants Answers

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch referred to the investigation into Hillary Clinton as a matter and Trey Gowdy is determined to find out why according to the Daily Caller.

Fox News host Martha McCallum asked Gowdy what he wanted to question Lynch about and Gowdy was clear. He didn’t think the House Intelligence Committee was necessarily the best place to hear from Lynch but he wanted to hear from her nonetheless. He had some questions he wanted answered:

I am always interested when any person we hire to work for that blindfolded woman holding a set of scales — a Republican or a Democrat — does anything to put his or her finger on the scale.

If it is accurate that she asked Director Comey to refer to the investigation as a ‘matter’ and not an ‘investigation,’ that is the equivalent of the attorney general putting her finger on the scale — and doing so for political reasons–and that’s what undercuts your viewers confidence in the justice system.

I would love to hear her explanation of why she wanted to call an investigation a matter — I did it for two decades, we never referred to it as a matter.

It is good to see Gowdy standing up for bipartisanship and seeking answers.