After Trump Is Cleared Of Russian Collusion, CNN Anchors Lose Their Minds On Live TV

After the Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee reported their findings that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, liberal news networks like CNN did not take that news well and decided to bash the Republicans findings anyway, reports MRCTV.

“The Probe has been said as a partisan mess for some time, but now the Republicans have gone all in attempting to clear Trump, breaking with the intelligence community in announcing that Vladimir Putin did not try and help Donald Trump win when Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election,” CNN anchor Chris Cuomo reports.

Not a bad start to reporting the actual facts, but after that statement is when any kind of unbiased reporting stops. Next Cuomo talks to CNN Poltical Analyst John Avlon about how they are not surprised that House Republicans have come to their conclusion and Democrats have rejected their findings outright.

MRCTV reports:

“I don’t mind that they say there is no collusion as much as to say there is no evidence that Trump wanted to back, sorry, that Putin wanted to back Trump in the election,” Avlon states. “That’s an insult to the intelligence community, that belies all the facts that have come to bear. That shows there is a willful blindness in place because of hyperpartisanship and that denigrates the entire investigation.”

The analyst doesn’t allow for any of the facts that the Republican House Intelligence Committee members has put forward as being “truthful” at all simply because it is coming from Republicans.

Another CNN legal analyst, Carrie Cordero, essentially says the same thing saying, “the past year’s investigation that the House has conducted, if we even want to call it that, has been completely partisan as John said.”

CNN is essentially just an echo chamber for other liberal commentators can hear their own thoughts being told back to them, including disregarding the entire Republican side of the House Intelligence Committee, not even once condemning that not one Democrat sided with the Republicans.

Source: MRCTV