Trump Just Made A Woman 1 Of The Most Powerful People In The World And Feminists Are Silent

One piece of news you won’t hear any of the liberal feminists talk about or report about is that the Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, just swore in the first woman in history as head of the nation’s nuclear weapons arsenal, reports The Washington Examiner.

Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty was sworn in as administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, which under President Trump’s fiscal 2019 budget proposal would comprise nearly half of the Energy Department’s funding.

Gordon-Hagerty now holds about half of the federal budget within her administration now, which is an immense duty to be given to a woman in politics, but yet no liberal news outlet reported on this story today.

“I am especially proud of the fact that she is the first woman in history to lead the NNSA and look forward to working together to address the administration’s goal of modernizing our nuclear security enterprise,” Perry said.

The new administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration has a background in national security and combating weapons of mass destruction.

She served as president of Tier Tech International Inc., which the Energy Department  described as a small business owned by disabled veterans that provides “professional expertise to combating weapons of mass destruction terrorism worldwide.”

Tier Tech was founded in 2003, the same year as the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The firm provides consulting services to clients seeking to stop or respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear terrorism global on land or at sea, according to the firm’s website, reports The Washington Examiner.

Gordon-Hagerty was also the president and CEO of the consulting firm LEG Inc., which focuses on national security issues. She also served prior administrations in senior posts that included membership on the National Security Council and began her career as a health physicist at the Energy Department’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The lab houses the Weapons and Complex Integration Directorate, which is in charge of ensuring the nation’s remaining nuclear weapon “deterrent remains safe, secure, and reliable,” according to the lab’s website.

From the looks of her qualifications, f anything is evident, it is that Gordon-Hagerty deserves this position. Perhaps feminists should be focusing more on what women are accomplishing in Trump’s White House than accusing Trump of assaulting women constantly.