Trump Just Took Millions From Obamacare Funds And Did Something Amazing With It

Under the Obama Administration there were misallocated funds strewn throughout the entire budget. Well, President Trump and the GOP found some of it and have decided to put it to good use.

The Department of Health and Human Services under President Obama was given an unknown amount of funding to promote Obamacare and encourage people to sign up. Under President Trump that money is now going to use that money to create videosĀ against the current healthcare plan.

The money is staying under the jurisdiction of Health and Human Services albeit with the different purpose.

To date, it has released 23 videos. A source familiar with the video production says that there have been nearly 30 interviews conducted in total, from which more than 130 videos have been produced.

To make the situation even better, the videos filmed under Obama’s presidency were filmed by an outside contractor and then billed against the budget. One official said that the bill for a video was $550 per hour. The new videos look exactly the same, grey backdrop speaking straight into the camera, but are filmed in-house, costing significantly less.

It looks like President Trump has found a way to not only put the money to better use, but did it more economically too.