TRUMP WINS: What Liberal Lindsey Graham Just Admitted Has Trump Smiling Ear To Ear

Sen. Lindsey Graham certainly has never been afraid to be critical of President Trump, but recently has changed his tune over how the president is dealing with the rogue nation of North Korea, saying he will give the president “the lion’s share” of the credit if a denuclearization deal is reached, reports The Daily Caller.

In a series of Tuesday tweets, Graham expressed appreciation for Trump’s “strong and unequivocal position,” which he hopes will “lead to a major breakthrough” with Pyongyang.

The South Carolina senator’s first tweet in the series acknowledged that Trump deserves the “lion’s share of credit” if a denuclearization is reached.

The tweets seem to have been sparked by South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s Tuesday announcement that its northern neighbor is willing to negotiate with the United States about potentially ending its nuclear weapons program, a move welcomed by Trump as “possible progress.”

North Korea hasn’t been very happy with the idea that North Korea should comply with Trump’s insistence that it abandon its nuclear program as a precondition for negotiations, saying that the demand is “preposterous” in a statement sent to CBS News.

“The U.S. is taking preposterous action by continuing to trumpet an insistence that it will not have dialogue unless a right condition is met and that it will keep watching if we have intention to abandon nuclear weapons and missiles and so on,” the statement said.

Actions like his hard-line stance with North Korea is what sets President Trump apart from other negotiators and his unwillingness to forfeit American safety during these peace talks is something more senators critical of Trump should keep in mind.