Trump’s Latest White House Hire Has LGBT Bullies Threatening War

Mercedes Schlapp

President Trump and his administration have chosen Mercedes Schlapp as the senior adviser for strategic communications.

Schlapp is a prominent anti-LGBTQ supporter of the president and his agenda. Schlapp is frequently on Fox News and the liberals constantly berate her for her making supposedly anti-LGBTQ comments.

Schlapp is constantly being attacked by the left and took a very vocal stance on former President Obama’s marriage equality policies in 2012.

“Although his announcement was not a shocking revelation by any means, President Obama’s abrupt decision will lead to many disappointed voters who feel betrayed,” Schlapp wrote. “He will surely re-invigorate conservative and religious voters in key states who continue to feel that President Obama is threatening their religious liberties by imposing his liberal agenda on their churches. From imposing mandates on contraception to now redefining marriage, churches are feeling minimized and frankly persecuted by the administration.”

But progressives are having a hissy fit.

“Mercedes Schlapp’s addition to the White House brings another ‘yes’ person to the Trump Administration that only wants to erase the hard-fought progress and acceptance LGBTQ Americans have made in recent years,” Drew Anderson, the director of news and rapid response at GLAAD, said in a statement.

The whiny left is just upset that Schlapp speaks the truth. Schlapp’s husband, Matt Schlapp is also a prominent conservative figure and is the president of the American Conservative Union. Both have been featured on Fox News and are ardent supporters and defenders of President Trump. Mrs. Schlapp will be a great addition to the Trump Administration as Trump continues to drain the DC swamp.