Tucker Carlson Glared Into The Camera And Exposed The Media For The Weasels They Are

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson does what he does best and on his show, he exposed the hypocrisies that the left-wing media loves to dish out. There most recent claim is that liberal media and Democrats everywhere are now calling the Russian dossier that Hillary Clinton and other fellow Democrats help funded as “opposition research,” reports Fox News Insider.

“Suddenly you hear the exact same phrase from every media-savvy hack and congressman,” Tucker said. “Opposition research.”

Carlson pointed out that when news broke about the dossier first broke in the news, Democrats were quick to say that these new documents were “evidence of treason.”  Now, of course, libs and Democrats can’t stop using the word “opposition research.”

“Now that Hillary paid for it, the story changed,” he said, calling the dossier the Democrats’ “linchpin in their remarkable efforts to overturn last years election results.”

Carlson also said that two New York Times reporters recently accused Democratic officials of lying to them for over a year on the matter.

He also cited the conservative journalist, Byron York, from the Washington Free Beacon as the one who finally broke the news that the “opposition research” was funded by the dossier’s firm, Fusion GPS.

Carlson claims that the information “flowed from Russia to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the headquarters of the Democratic party. From there is somehow made its way throughout the Obama administration, to the FBI and various other law enforcement agencies  and intel agencies as well.”

“The Obama administration used the dossier allegations to justify spying efforts against American citizens, including Trump associates,” Carlson said.

Fusion GPS was funded by Republican donors and hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, who supported Sen. Mark Rubio (R-FL) and actively worked to refuse President Trump’s nomination.

Not only was the dossier created by Democrats but also by Republicans who would rather be traitors to their own party, than try to help them.  Looks like the ones who should be accused of “treason” are the people who are meant to be working along beside and supporting President Trump.