UNREAL: CNN Launches Vicious Attack On Trump Seconds After NK Detainees Get Home

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump greeted three American citizens who were freed from detainment in North Korea in a historic moment that was a win for the Trump administration, reports The Washington Examiner.

CNN had a radically different take on the event and as they usually do, they spin what couldn’t be a more wholesome and uplifting story into an evil plot set up by the president to trick the American people, as if he was the one who released these prisoners.

As cameras waited for the three detainees to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base, CNN suggested that Trump made the event happen because he wanted to use it as a campaign ad, NewsBusters reported.

“Well, this is Donald Trump as a… TV moment for him,” former Bill Clinton adviser Philip Yun said on the network. “If nothing else, he knows how to get publicity, how to a bleed a lot of drama.”

“How soon will it be before we see images these turned around and, you know, put out on social media by the President or some kind of, you know, a campaign message?” CNN’s John Vause asked CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny.

“I expect before the sun rises you will see something like that without question,” Zeleny responded.

CNN continued by pushing a conspiracy theory suggesting that Trump was using to deflect from “the Robert Mueller investigation into Russia, the criminal investigation of his own personal attorney, the Stormy Daniels affair…”

CNN International journalist Will Ripley later commented that Trump was “exploiting” the freed American detainees. I guess you can’t expect anything else from the fake news network though.