USA Today: It’s Not OK To Bully Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Because She’s A Woman

In a recent opinion piece from USA Today, Melinda Henneberger believes that people shouldn’t be critical of Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her policy simply because of her age and gender.

Henneberger is basically trying to defend the senator and her entirely too long reign because of just how long she has been a staple in the Democratic party, which means Democrats must love oligarchies when it comes to their lawmakers.

One main point of support for Feinstein is her relentless support of banning assault weapons and 30-round magazines. Feinstein has long been anti-gun and has fought many times to push more gun control legislation through Congress.

Henneberger states Feinstein’s accomplishments for tearing down U.S. citizen’s right like it’s an accomplishment:

“In the decades since, the senior senator from California has authored the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, let the American public know what our government did in our name in the war on terror, and corrected disinformation about how the Russia probe began.”

Now the liberal is upset that Feinstein’s own party is also realizing how old and out of date her policies are. Henneberger notes how the Democratic party did not endorse her at a recent state convention and many cited her support for the Iraq war in 2002 as one of the reasons not to support her.

But at 84-years old, Feinstein is the oldest member in the Senate, which to some would signal that perhaps she is the oldest now because many before her have realized that it is beneficial to have new blood come through the Senate every so often.

Henneberger also wants to make the “disrespect” of Feinstein be about her gender as well by asking, “and though women tend to outlive men, is her age somehow more disqualifying because of her gender?”

The talk of Feinstein’s age has nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman, but simply that she is too out of touch with the needs of America because of her dated policies. New blood needs to be filtered into Congress and if Feinstein really cared about the health of her party she would realize when the appropriate time is to step down.