WATCH: CNN Host Embarrassed On Live TV After Trying Poorly To Defend The Mueller Investigation

Former White House Legislative Director Marc Short appeared on CNN the other day to discuss the Mueller investigation, a topic of frequent conversation on the embattled news network. Host Erica Hill tried baiting Short into attacking President Trump for his criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But it was Short who turned the tables on Hill and made her look foolish.

Newsbusters has the rundown:

“Hill began by hyping Senator Lindsey Graham on the Today show this morning suggesting Trump being likely to replace Sessions after the midterms. Asking for a response, Short explained that the President always picks people whom he feels would be loyal to him and that was no different than past administrations. “The Department of Justice is filled with political appointees and to suggest that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice was an independent one would be kind of laughable,” Short scoffed.

“But Hill wasn’t ready to let it go, asking if Trump was just looking for “blind loyalty” in his cabinet with regards to the investigation. Short dismissed this notion, and reminded the CNN host of how wayward the investigation into “collusion” has become:

“‘What was supposed to be an investigation about Russian interference in our election is now about prosecuting people for tax evasion and for challenges of not registering as a foreign lobbyist. Those are legitimate crimes that should be prosecuted. The question is, do you need independent and special counsels to do that?'”

Poor CNN. In a battle of wits, they came unarmed.

Watch it here:

(h/T Newsbusters)