WATCH: CNN Talks To Everyday Democrats About Trump’s Legal Problems, Are Shocked At What They Found

CNN sent a camera crew out to Eastern Pennsylvania to check the pulse on Trump’s latest legal woes with everyday Americans. I can imagine they were hoping for outrage over the latest news involving Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. CNN has been up in arms since their guilty plea/verdict and have been pushing talk of impeachment nonstop. But if this segment is any indication of the mood in the country, they sorely miscalculated public sentiment.

CNN spoke with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. And they did not care about Trump’s so-called legal issues. Even the Democrats!

The Daily Wire gives us the story:

“CNN’s Jason Carroll asked three Democrats, three independents, and one Republican about the recent legal developments regarding Trump’s former campaign chairman and former personal attorney.

Registered Democrat Anne Marie Lenahan said that the economy is so strong that she doesn’t have a problem overlooking allegations about Trump’s infidelity, “unless the money came from campaign funds.”

Lenahan said that if Trump broke campaign finance laws that would not be good but she would still vote for him again.

Registered Democrats Richard and Eileen Sorokas, who voted for Obama twice, said they wanted to get rid of political correctness, that they are happy with the direction of the stock market, and they see the drama with Manafort and Cohen as a sideshow.

“Registered Republican Bob Sellon noted that the ongoing investigations were supposed to be about Russian interference in U.S. elections and he hasn’t seen anything notable come from it.”

This type of thing happens a lot with the news media. They get caught up in what amounts to be nothing more than inside baseball. Average Americans aren’t glued to the news every day and they just don’t let themselves get caught up in the banter. This doesn’t surprise me at all that CNN failed to find voters that were overly concerned about Manafort and Cohen.