WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Pushes Bizarre Lie About Trump, Has On-Air Tantrum

During CNN’s “New Day” a panel of liberals including Chris Cuomo discuss the New York Time’s article released on Saturday that claims that President Trump watches four to eight hours of cable television a day, which Trump has refuted many times, reports Mediate.

Brian Stelter, CNN’s senior media correspondent, noted that those viewing habits are in line with the average American, though they are not typical for a president.

“We have not had a president like this before that is so in tuned to cable news,” Stelter said. “If President Trump is only hearing what he agrees with from Fox News during that day, that’s a problem.”

“He parrots the prattle that comes off that couch on Fox on a regular basis,” New Day host Chris Cuomo added, referring to Trump’s morning show of choice, Fox & Friends.

The other CNN host, Alisyn Camerota had to also but in with her little comment that eight hours of TV a day is more “than even doctors recommend,” and she goes further to say “And second of all, shouldn’t he be busier?”

Cuomo continued with his little tantrum to talk about Trump’s rabid criticism of the media, which heated up last week in the wake of several high-profile mistakes made by news outlets.

“High ground on making errors when he has an unprecedented number of errors himself, none of which he has ever corrected or apologized for,” Cuomo said.

Camerota then went on this little rant about how the media needs to be better than the president as if that is possible, in reporting the truth and it is their job to hold the president accountable.

Good point Camerota.  Maybe you should make sure all of your colleagues and those at CNN understand that pledge and try to follow it from now on.