WATCH: Guest Walks Off Show After CNN Compares Christianity To ‘Sharia Law’

Conservative radio host Steve Deace got up and walked off the set after a CNN contributor compared Christianity to Sharia law. During an HLN segment on Friday, radical leftist Dean Obeidallah made the comparison in a discussion about President Trump’s upcoming Supreme Court nominee.

“The stakes are really high in this country,” Obeidallah explained. “And there are people who want to impose Christian Sharia law in this country. And what I mean by that is that they want the Bible as the law of the land.”

Deace countered, saying such comparisons were “preposterous.” But Obeidallah continued his bigoted attack on Christians. “Christian Sharia law in this context is simply shorthand for turning religious beliefs into the laws of the land,” Obeidallah doubled down. “I’m not going through the Bible. To me, that’s what Sharia is in the Muslim world, what Sharia is here. I’m not sure why you’d be upset unless you’re advocating it. I’m not suggesting you are.”

That’s when Deace got up and left. Watch the fireworks.

Just more “quality” program from CNN.

Fast forward to around 3:50 of the video to see Deace walk off.