WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Takes The Gloves Off, Obliterates Hollywood Losers

After Sunday’s Emmy Awards show that relished in spouting their anti-Trump bias all over the night, Kellyanne Conway came on to “Fox & Friends” Monday morning to set all the liberal celebrities straight, reports The Daily Caller.

Conway was asked about what she thought of last nights performance with nearly every acceptance speech either praising Hillary Clinton and commending her for a job well done, or criticizing Trump at every turn. Conway accused Hollywood of having a “culture of sameness.”

“It did feel [like a political rally],” Conway said with a smirk. “They got plucked and polished and waxed and some of them didn’t eat for two months and all for what–to sound the same?”

“It’s between the Emmys, the Miss America pageant was very politicized, our sports are politicized, and the ratings are suffering,” she continued. “It looks like America is responding by tuning out because they want you to stick to your knitting.”

“They want you to, in this case, read the stuff that other people write for you,” she slammed.”

Looks like Conway is right. You can’t watch any award show today without seeing celebrities perpetuate the liberal media’s attack against Trump and continue with everlasting support for Hillary.