WATCH: Meghan McCain Just Chewed Up Dems Chief Trump Harasser On Live TV

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was on The View on Thursday when co-host Meghan McCain asked him why he maintains there is evidence of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, reports The Daily Caller.

When Schiff was asked what specific evidence he can give to the American people who prove the Russian collusion claims are true he came up with exactly zero evidence that hasn’t already been proven to be untrue.

“I think, at this time, it’s difficult for me and many Americans to differentiate between what is overhype and what isn’t,” McCain said.

“You have said on more than one occasion you have seen ample evidence of the Trump campaign’s Russia collusion. Last March you said you had more than circumstantial evidence of collusion with Russia. What were you referring to and please be specific because if it’s true Americans have a right to know a year later what that is?” McCain asks.

“I certainly said there’s ample evidence of collusion,” he said. “I never used the word treason. Only Steve Bannon used that word. If you look at the facts that are already in the public domain, they’re pretty damning starting with George Papadopoulos.”

“We know that Papadopoulos was approached by the Russians and told back in April of the election year before the Clinton campaign knew that the Russians had stolen and DNC e-mails and we also know they previewed their anonymous dissemination of those e-mails with Papadopoulos back in April. Now it was only weeks later that the Russians made a second approach to the Trump campaign, this time at the highest levels at Trump Tower in a meeting that they previewed by saying that they wanted to offer incriminating information about Hillary.”

McCain then interjects with Schiff’s rambling on about facts we already know about by asking him if these claims are enough for the Special Counsel Robert Mueller to press charges, because if it isn’t “what does that mean?”

Schiff then begins to explain that Mueller’s only responsibility to this investigation is to indict and charge people for crimes against the government. It is not his job to then tell the country why exactly these people are being charged and what it means for the government, that Schiff says, is Congress’ job.

This is what Schiff uses as justification for the leaks he has sent to the press about the Russia investigation.