WATCH: President Trump Coins A New Slogan For Democrats, And It’s PERFECT

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At a recent rally in West Virginia, President Trump ceased on the opportunity to tie NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent words to the entire Democratic Party. Cuomo was caught on camera saying that “America was never great.” He has since tried to backtrack after getting walloped in the media and by Americans alike.

So President Trump decided to pin that slogan to the entire Democratic Party. He proclaimed that this is the theme for which they will run on the next election.

I can see the campaign ads now. Cuomo really did a big disservice towards his fellow Democrats when he made these offensive remarks. The fact of the matter is that a lot of Democrats agree with Cuomo. If Republicans force them to comment on this ‘slogan’ then a lot of them will feel the need to be honest about their thoughts.

This will be fun to watch.

(H/T Sara A. Carter)