WATCH: Pro-Trump Democrat Just Demolished ‘Hypocritical’ Dems For Being The ‘Real Racists’

A group of Democrats who support President Trump and his policies are calling for other several Democratic party members to stop labeling Trump as a racist and instead denounce the anti-Semitic preacher Louis Farrakhan, which they have continued to support, reports Fox News.

Former Manhattan Borough President Andrew Stein (D) said on “Fox & Friends” that the voters should be well-informed that the vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, is reportedly a “pal” of Farrakhan.

Stein went on to say that it is incredibly ironic that Democrats like Ellison (MN) and Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) who have continued to advocate for racial justice in America and have continuously accused Trump of being a “racist” but have continued to associate themselves with Farrakhan who is so clearly a racist.

“They don’t have the stomach to denounce [Farrakhan]. And I’m asking formally the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison and Tom Perez to put out a statement and say we denounce everything he stands for,” Stein said.

“It’s one of the many hypocrisies that you see,” Stein said. “These people are yelling to impeach Donald Trump… but the real racist is anybody who does not condemn Farrakhan.”

Farrakhan, who was born Louis Walcott, is from the Bronx in New York and is the leader of the controversial Nation of Islam group.

In a recent speech, Farrakhan claimed “white folks are going down and Satan is going down. And, Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew, and I’m here to say you’re time is up – your world is through.”

Waters, Ellison and Democratic Reps. Barbara Lee of California, Gregory Meeks of New York, Danny Davis of Illinois, Andre Carson of Indiana and Al Green of Texas have all reportedly attended one of Farrakhan’s events.