Watch Tucker Glare Into The Camera And Unleash Hell On ‘Grotesque’ Protester

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At an NFL game in Mexico City, Marshawn Lynch of the Oakland Raiders stood when the Mexican National Anthem played but then sat down when the Star-Spangled Banner played.  Tucker Carlson decided to point out how “grotesque” this action is and took him down during his opening monologue, reports Fox News.

Carlson pointed out the irony in this since after all, Mexico has a much worse history of racial unrest and slavery than America and that Lynch appears to be “under the impression that Mexico is a more virtuous country than his own.”

President Trump even took notice of the NFL player’s actions saying that the “NFL should suspend him for remainder of  season.”

Carlson continues by saying that Lynch just plainly has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to Mexico and he shouldn’t disrespect the country where he is from and just assume that Mexico treats its citizens of different races better than the U.S. does.

In response to Trump’s tweet about Lynch, the wife of Raiders Coach Jack del Rio, Linda del Rio said she “regrets” voting for Trump because his tweet is critical of the NFL take away from the charitable work their players do.

Coach del Rio also spoke out and says he wants all his players to “respect the flag” but understands that every American has the “choice” not to do so.